“What we eat and how we produce it will determine our future.”


Our modern way of eating and farming is not only damaging the environment, but is also effecting our health.

Switching to a whole foods, plant powered diet will not only reduce the risk of many common diseases but will also increase our energy levels, reduce inflammation and improve our overall fitness levels.

But it’s not just about what we eat.  How our food is produced and prepared is also important.

Sustainable Initiatives

At Simply Son Braho Farm we do everything we can to present the best quality produce with the least environmental footprint.

We use renewable solar energy, follow permaculture planting procedures, compost our food and animal waste and use only natural fertilizers and pest repellants.

We also encourage beneficial wildlife by using plant and tree waste to form wood lots, seed our fields with wildflowers for our bees and allow our hens to roam freely which results in nutritious and high quality eggs.

Everything starts with the soil so we have invested in high quality, carbon infused compost to provide the foundation for the healthy and nutritious produce we use in our farm meals.

Vegetarian soup from Simply Son Braho Deli

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