The Concept

2020 was a devastating year for the world and the environment but it also gave us a priceless gift—TIME.

Freed from the usual life distractions, we were all given the space to consider what was happening to our environment, our land and our health.

It was during this time that the concept for Simply Son Braho was formed which started with a journey to live more sustainably, more healthily and ultimately more spiritually by reconnecting with the land and the natural environment.

Simply Son Braho Farm Statue

The Origin

We started right where we stood—on a small piece of land in the centre of Mallorca located in the Balearic Islands of Spain with the thought that we would try and grow our own food, harvest our own water, generate our own power and drastically reduce our waste. Every initiative we undertook was sustainably oriented, aligned with nature and free from artificial and chemical interventions.

Simply Son Braho Farm in full bloom

The Project

As time marched on, we began to see the results of our efforts in the form of beautiful, healthy fruit and vegetables which we could experiment with in our food. We quickly set up a house test kitchen and began cooking using our farm produce and creative world recipes. We then began to share our meals with our friends and this has led us to launch the Simply Son Braho Deli & Shop.

Simply Son Braho Farm and the Statue

Our Farm

Local Sustainable Season